Our Charter Aircraft Guide

Unsure on which charter aircraft suits your requirements? Our Aircraft Guide sets out the different aircraft categories ranging from Very Light Jet (VLJ) through to Airliner.


Each aircraft category has several charter aircraft options and our friendly team at Flyconnex will work with you to establish the most cost-effective solution tailored to your specific trip requirements.

When to Charter a Very Light Jet (VLJ)

Very Light Jets are a great charter aircraft choice for short to mid-range city hops.  Whether it is a business trip or a relaxing weekend away, Flyconnex can recommend a VLJ to suit your specific requirements.  The more popular choices are the Citation Mustang, Embraer 100, and the Honda Jet.  The Honda Jet can fly 5 passengers from London to Geneva in just 1 hour and 30 mins.


Citation Mustang

Charter Aircraft: Citation Mustang Charter Aircraft: Citation MustangIf you are looking for a cost effective entry-level jet, then look no further than the Cessna Citation Mustang.  This jet is popular for short business hops and short trip weekends away.  This jet is popular as it has a low hourly rate in comparison to its rivals within this category.  Recommended for trips within the UK and intra Europe hops.  Seats 4 and no enclosed lavatory.


Manufacturer: Cessna

Speed: 780 kmh

Range: 2,558 km

Height: 1.37m

Width: 1.40m

Length: 2.97m

Seats: 4

Luggage: 1.20 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  No


Embraer 100E

Charter Aircraft: Embraer 100ECharter Aircraft: Embraer 100E

Looking for a little extra comfort then the Embraer 100 will not disappoint.  The dimensions are slightly bigger than the Mustang and has the biggest windows in its class letting in more natural light. This aircraft has an enclosed toilet.


Manufacturer: Embraer

Speed: 752 kmh

Range: 2,182 km

Height: 1.5m

Width: 1.55m

Length: 3.35m

Seats: 4

Luggage: 1.50 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes


Honda Jet

Charter Aircraft: Honda JetCharter Aircraft: Honda Jet

Described as “the world’s most advanced very light jet” by Honda.  The Honda jet can seat 5 passengers in its spacious cabin and is ideal for intra-Europe hops.


Manufacturer: Honda

Speed: 680 kmh

Range: 2,185 km

Height: 1.46m

Width: 1.52m

Length: 5.43 m

Seats: 5

Luggage: 1.86 m3

Enclosed Lavatory: Yes

When to Charter a Light Jet

The Light Jet is considered by many as the best value charter aircraft when it come to executive jets, comfortably carrying up to 7 passengers.    

Light Jets connect to more distant cities and tend to be more spacious than VLJ and fly up to 3.5 hours and so are ideal for short to medium haul flights.  Having the capability of taking off and landing on short runways, they can fly to more remote destinations. 

There are several Light Jets to choose from and Flyconnex can suggest a Jet that meets your specific requirements.  Citation CJ1/CJ1+/CJ2+/CJ3/Citation Bravo/Ultra/Encore+/LJ31A/Premier 1/1A and Hawker 400XP fit in to this category.


Citation Bravo

Charter Aircraft: Citation BravoCharter Aircraft: Citation Bravo

A popular light jet, and perfect for airports with steep approaches such as London City and Lugano.  Seats 7 passengers comfortably, Club 4 arrangement + 3 seats.  An upgrade on the Bravo is the Citation II.  The Bravo is a reliable and comfortable choice for short-haul journeys.


Manufacturer: Cessna

Speed: 740 kmh

Range: 3,185 km

Height: 1.46m

Width: 1.52m

Length: 4.82m

Seats: 7

Luggage: 1.50 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes


Citation CJ3

Charter Aircraft: Citation CJ3Charter Aircraft: Citation CJ3

A good aircraft for carrying 6 passengers with centre club arrangement (7th passenger in belted lavatory).  This aircraft has good range and is a good choice for European trips further afield, such as Italy and Spain.


Manufacturer: Cessna

Speed: 770 kmh

Range: 3,708 km

Height: 1.45m

Width: 1.52m

Length: 4.57m

Seats: 7

Luggage: 1.23 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes

When to Charter a Super Light Jet

Super Light jets can accommodate between 6-9 passengers with a range of up to 4,000km. SLJ provide speed, comfort, and performance. Citation XLS/XLS+/Gulfstream G-100/Learjet 40XR/45/45XR.  Among the most popular super light jet charter aircraft are the Citation XLS and XLS+ and the Phenom 300.


Citation XLS/XLS+

Charter Aircraft: Citation XLS/XLS+Charter Aircraft: Citation XLS/XLS+

Flying further and faster than its predecessor Citation Excel, the XLS is ideal to travel across Europe for business trips or leisurely short breaks.  The XLS was again upgraded in 2008 to the XLS+, enabling it to use short runways and challenging airports.


Manufacturer: Cessna

Speed: 800 kmh

Range: 4,537 km

Height: 1.73m

Width: 1.68m

Length: 5.64m

Seats: 7 + belted toilet

Luggage: 1.80 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes


Phenom 300

Charter Aircraft: Phenom 300 Charter Aircraft: Phenom 300

The Phenom 300E is the advanced model of the P300. The newer model has a more spacious cabin with more aisle room and headroom above the seats.  Configured to carry 6-7 passengers it boasts better inflight entertainment options. Great for trips across Europe, be it business or leisure.


Manufacturer: Embraer

Speed: 963 kmh

Range: 4,204 km

Height: 1.50m

Width: 1.55m

Length: 5.20m

Seats: 7

Luggage: 2.00 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes

When to Charter a Mid-Size Jet

Midsize Jets are the ideal charter aircraft choice for those seeking longer-range travel, more headroom and additional luggage capacity.  Midsize jets are great for business travel within Europe as they are small enough to still be cost-efficient but big enough to seat 8-9 passengers.  Popular for business trips from London to Geneva and further afield to Moscow.  Citation VII/Latitude/Hawker 750/800A/800XP/900XP/Learjet 60/60XR.  Two impressive choices are the Legacy 500 and Citation Sovereign.


Embraer Legacy 500

Charter Aircraft: Embraer Legacy 500Charter Aircraft: Embraer Legacy 500

Legacy 500 sets new benchmarks for performance, spaciousness, and comfort. Fast, efficient, and extremely comfortable the Legacy has an impressive range.   It is a wise choice for any medium-haul journey.  A wider and longer stand-up cabin it can be configured to carry up to 9 passengers.  It is one of the first jets designed with fly-by-wire controls allowing for a smoother journey.


Manufacturer: Embraer

Speed: 1004 kmh

Range: 10,290 km

Height: 1.82m

Width: 1.86m

Length: 8.37m

Seats: 8

Luggage: 4.39 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes


Citation Sovereign

Charter Aircraft: Citation SovereignCharter Aircraft: Citation Sovereign

With a Stand-up Cabin, the Sovereign can seat 8 passengers comfortably with at least 4 pieces of hand luggage and extra items too. The Sovereigns exceptional short take-off capability, enhanced technology, and incredible performance make it one of the best private jets within its category.  The Sovereign is most economical for charter fights between 4-6 hours with 8 passengers.


Manufacturer: Cessna

Speed: 850 kmh

Range: 5,926 km

Height: 1.73m

Width: 1.68m

Length: 7.70m

Seats: 8

Luggage: 2.80 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes

When to Charter a Super Mid-Size Jet

Extending the range approx 500 statute miles (compared with the midsize) for up to 9 passengers and with flights up to 7:45 Super Mid Jets make a perfect charter aircraft choice for flying mid-haul.  London to Marrakech, Cannes to Dubai, for example.  Falling into this category is the Bombardier Challenger 300/350, Citation X, Hawker Beechcraft 1000/4000, and Gulfstream G200/280. 


Challenger 350

Charter Aircraft: Challenger 350Charter Aircraft: Challenger 350

With its newly designed winglets and more powerful engines, almost any destination is possible.  Boasts flat floors and stand up ceilings, larger windows, and luxurious interior.  This state-of-the-art business jet can provide an excellent service.


Manufacturer: Bombardier

Speed: 870 kmh

Range: 6,819 km

Height: 1.85m

Width: 2.19m

Length: 7.68m

Seats: 9

Luggage: 3.00 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes


Citation X

Charter Aircraft: Citation XCharter Aircraft: Citation X

Before the Gulfstream G650, the Citation X held the record for the fastest civilian jet since Concorde and is the fastest in its category.  Capable of intercontinental travel, flying from Nice to Dubai, an example.  Stylish and modern, with the capability to carry 8 passengers in 2 x 4 club seating arrangement, it provides a relaxing and enjoyable flight experience.


Manufacturer: Cessna

Speed: 972 kmh

Range: 6,852 km

Height: 1.72m

Width: 1.68m

Length: 7.67m

Seats: 8

Luggage: 2.10 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes

When to Charter a Heavy Jet

These private jets are built for comfort and generally feature larger cabin space, about 6ft ceiling height, provide a fully enclosed private lavatory/cloakroom, maintain a high altitude ensuring a smooth swift ride and offer the ultimate in luxury. Ideal for medium to long-distance flights. Charters from Paris to Dubai, London to New York or from one end of Europe to the other are examples.  The most popular charter aircraft  in this category being the Challenger 604/605, Legacy 650, and Falcon 7X/900.


Challenger 604/605

Charter Aircraft: Challenger 604/605 Charter Aircraft: Challenger 604/605

The Challenger 604 has an impressive range and is favoured for long-distance flights, for example London to Chicago, London to Dubai non-stop.  With an extremely quiet cabin, wide fuselage, it is specifically designed to seat 10-12 passengers in a double club/divan arrangement.   A private galley, with luxury lavatory, access to luggage compartments inflight and low operating costs makes it one of the most frequently chartered jets in the Large Cabin Category, whether conducting business or relaxing in total comfort.


Manufacturer: Bombardier

Speed: 867 kmh

Range: 7,130 km

Height: 1.83m

Width: 2.41m

Length: 8.70m

Seats: 10

Luggage: 3.25 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes


Legacy 650

Charter Aircraft: Legacy 650 Charter Aircraft: Legacy 650

The Embraer L650 combines long range with high speed.  Seating 12-14 in a luxury appointed, largest in class, distinct three cabin zones.  Passengers can conduct work, enjoy first-class dining, or simply relax and enjoy the ride.  This aircraft is designed to travel long distances without the need of a stop.  Low cabin noise and a superior baggage hold make this aircraft an excellent solution for any mid-to-long haul flight.  


Manufacturer: Embraer

Speed: 850 kmh

Range: 6,982 km

Height: 1.82m

Width: 2.10m

Length: 12.94m

Seats: 12

Luggage: 8.10 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes


When to Charter an Ultra-Long Range

Ultra-Long Range are the ideal charter aircraft for those wanting to cover long distances quickly and luxuriously.  Typically, they seat 14 or more passengers.  Designed for non-stop inter-continental travel, configured to include working, dining and relaxing compartments.  A flight attendant comes standard.

Jets within this category include Bombardier Global Express, XRS, 5000 and 6000.  Dassault Falcon 7X and 8X and Gulfstream GV, G500, G550 and G650.


Global 6000

Charter Aircraft: Global 6000Charter Aircraft: Global 6000

Bombardier’s flagship long-range Jet the Global 6000 (Formerly known as Global XRS) has excellent range and top speed.  An excellent choice for long haul, Paris to Hong Kong, or Geneva to LA as examples, the Global 6000 can seat up to 14 passengers with the capability to sleep 8 comfortably.  Every detail in the Global 6000 has been carefully designed to bring the most discerning passenger the smoothest and most refreshing experience, thanks to its low pressurisation altitude (4,500ft).  The pinnacle of luxury in the long-range category.


Manufacturer: Bombardier

Speed: 950 kmh

Range: 11,112 km

Height: 1.88m

Width: 2.41m

Length: 13.18m

Seats: 14

Luggage: 5.53 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes


Gulfstream GV

Charter Aircraft: Gulfstream GV Charter Aircraft: Gulfstream GV

With an exceptional range and cruise speed and able to complete non-stop flights from Paris to Hong Kong and London to Los Angeles makes this aircraft extremely popular to charter for long-haul flights.  The cabin comfortably seats 14 (19 with certain configurations) and offers optimum passenger comfort and generous baggage capacity.  The most recent flagship of Gulfstream, the G550 and G650 are both modelled on this reliable model. 


Manufacturer: Gulfstream

Speed: 870 kmh

Range: 7,038 km

Height: 1.88m

Width: 2.24m

Length: 15.27m

Seats: 12

Luggage: 6.40 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes

When to Charter a VIP Airliner

With many configurations available, VIP Airliners are perfect for groups between 15-30 passengers and have ample room for luggage and oversized items.  These charter aircraft are frequently used for long-haul flights, typical routes include Paris to Istanbul, Dubai to New York and Cannes to Dubai.  As their operating costs are high, they are not suitable for short hops.   These airliners offer an array of conveniences such as sleeper beds, separate cabins, private suites and bathrooms with showers and flight attendants.  For larger groups Boeing have developed ACJ’s and BBJs’ in various configurations.


Embraer Lineage 1000

Charter Aircraft: Embraer Lineage 1000 Charter Aircraft: Embraer Lineage 1000

Described by Embraer, as a ‘flying apartment’, the Embraer Lineage 1000 accommodates 19 passengers and has 5 separate zones for sleeping, dining, leisure, and business purposes.  With a large luggage compartment and turbulence detection technology, it guarantees a smooth and luxurious ride.


Manufacturer: Embraer

Speed: 1013 kmh

Range: 9,630 km

Height: 1.98m

Width: 2.68m

Length: 25.9m

Seats: 19

Luggage: 9.14 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes


BBJ – Boeing Business Jet

Charter Aircraft: BBJ – Boeing Business Jet Charter Aircraft: BBJ – Boeing Business Jet

The BBJ is based on the 737-700 airliner.  The BBJ is one of the most successful and reliable business jet aircraft in the world. Superb flight range and cruise speeds together with a wider cabin than the Lineage makes it one of the most prestigious jets on the VVIP charter market.  BBJ are constantly updating their aircraft which means an amazing combination of unbeatable comfort and incredible performance.  


Manufacturer: Boeing

Speed: 869 kmh

Range: 9,964 km

Height: 2.08m

Width: 3.53m

Length: 24.13m

Seats: 44

Luggage: 8.50 m3

Enclosed Lavatory:  Yes


With Health and safety being at the forefront of people’s minds when they travel these days, flying by private jet has numerous benefits when it comes to ensuring a healthy travel experience.   Passengers are not faced with congested terminals as private aircraft use smaller executive terminals away from the crowds.  Private flyers typically board their aircraft as soon as they arrive at the FBO (Fixed Base Operators), reducing further the risk of proximity with other passengers.  Some even board or get picked up from their aircraft airside thereby avoiding going into the terminal at all.

Since the pandemic, leisure travellers are looking to private jets to get them to their weekend European city hops, escape to their Mediterranean family summer holiday villa or even weighing up the benefits of getting their ski’s and themselves closer to their favourite ski resort.

With so may jet types available for charter, you simply need to tell us where you are going, how many are travelling an idea of your budget and we will do the rest.

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