Flyconnex – The PA’s Personal Assistant Reducing The Workload

Flyconnex charter executive on the telephone

At Flyconnex, we think of ourselves as a PA’s Personal Assistant, reducing the workload and taking the pressure off you in helping arrange private jet charter. With one phone call or email to us at Flyconnex, your very own personal assistant will source and recommend a selection of aircraft which offers an all-round best solution […]

Private Jet Charter Prices

lady sitting on private jet

Private Jet Charter Prices – Affordable or Not? It all comes down to the 5 W’s – Who, What, Where, When and Why? Private Jet Charter prices are misunderstood. The perception is  private jet charter is just for the rich and famous. Of course, we all see celebrities and the like flying on their Global […]

Wondering Whether to Make the Jump From Commercial to Private?

Wondering whether to make the jump from Commercial to Private

There are over 100,00 COVID-19 deaths in the UK.  Social distancing, and minimising situations where we are in large groups of people are paramount.  However, social distancing is simply not practical on a commercial airliner.  Wondering to make the Jump from Commercial to Private? If you are wondering whether to make the jump from commercial […]