Empty Legs

What is an Empty Leg?

An Empty Leg flight is a flight generated when a private jet must reposition, either to home base after dropping passengers at their destination or to reposition to another airport for its next charter flight.  Since the operator needs to move the aircraft anyway, they will generally be happy to offer the empty part of the flight at a significant discount, compared to the full charter price.


What are the drawbacks of Empty Legs?

Empty Leg flights are one-way only, the biggest drawback is the unpredictable nature of these flights.   If the chartered flight before or after the empty leg is cancelled or rescheduled, the empty leg is affected and can even disappear so you must have a plan B, just in case.   You book the flight on the terms of the Operator and being late for a departure is not an option.


Empty Leg bookings are very much last minute and are secured in the days even hours leading up to take off.


How much do Empty Legs Cost?

The main benefit of Empty Legs to the Passenger is cost.  Discounts can be as high as 75% on the standard chartered flight.


How can I find out about Empty Legs?

Using up to date technology, Flyconnex has access to many empty legs on the market.




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With Health and safety being at the forefront of people’s minds when they travel these days, flying by private jet has numerous benefits when it comes to ensuring a healthy travel experience.   Passengers are not faced with congested terminals as private aircraft use smaller executive terminals away from the crowds.  Private flyers typically board their aircraft as soon as they arrive at the FBO (Fixed Base Operators), reducing further the risk of proximity with other passengers.  Some even board or get picked up from their aircraft airside thereby avoiding going into the terminal at all.

Since the pandemic, leisure travellers are looking to private jets to get them to their weekend European city hops, escape to their Mediterranean family summer holiday villa or even weighing up the benefits of getting their ski’s and themselves closer to their favourite ski resort.

With so may jet types available for charter, you simply need to tell us where you are going, how many are travelling an idea of your budget and we will do the rest.

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