Independent Brokerage

With no single allegiance to any aircraft/operator, we provide a totally independent brokerage service.  We cover the entire global market to ensure the best possible solution and pricing structure that suits you and your travel requirements.


We need to know:

  • The Date(s) and Time(s) of your intended itinerary
  • The Number of Passengers
  • Your Departure and Arrival points – When we arrange your charter flight, we will do our best to set up the arrival and departure airports to be as close as possible to your destination.
  • How much Luggage you are taking – Each aircraft has its own baggage restrictions.  It is always best practice to travel with soft-sided baggage if you are looking to maximise the number of items you will be bringing.

We will also ask:

  • What type of trip you are planning? This will enable us to recommend the most suitable aircraft
  • Do you have a Budget in mind? 
  • Do you have an Aircraft Preference? 
  • Do any of your passenger have Special Dietary requirements?
  • Do any of your passengers have any Disabilities?
  • Do you require any Aircraft Branding, internally or externally?
  • Whether you are looking to take Pets on board, as there are certain restrictions.

The Charter Proposal:

From your initial brief we provide you with several options in a fully written proposal.  Your detailed air charter proposal will be presented to you via email.  The proposal will contain the information which will enable you to make an informed decision about the charter that best suits your specific requirements.


We deal with all the planning including booking VIP lounges – As a private traveller, you will be using Fixed Based Operators (FBO) as your passenger gate/terminal.  They are like the gate or terminal in a commercial airport, but they are much more private.  


Proposal Contains:

  • A summary of recommended aircraft types and associated costs
  • Detailed information on each aircraft type including imagery and a comprehensive description of the aircraft cabin and facilities
  • Flyconnex’s Terms and Conditions
  • Answers to any specific questions you have made in your initial brief.

Make a Booking:

Once you have considered the options provided in your proposal, you are only a call away from making a booking and confirming your flight.


Booking Confirmation Procedure:

  • You call and confirm that you wish to go ahead with the flight
  • We email you the Charter Agreement – this needs to be signed and returned
  • Once we receive the signed charter agreement, the aircraft is booked, and the flight confirmation is sent to you via email
  • A deposit may be required, and the cancellation policy is now in force to protect both parties
  • Any additional requirements or services can also be arranged from this point onward, but may require amending our contract with you
  • Payment is made prior to the flight.  We accept all major credit cards or bank transfer.

Your Flight:

Prior to your flight we will send you all the information you need to make sure your flight is a success.


We advise you:

  • The point of embarkation and disembarkation (normally a VIP business lounge away from the main terminals)
  • The planned time of departure as per your request and the estimated time of arrival at your destination
  • Luggage restrictions (if any)
  • Any VIP requirements you request will be planned (e.g. car airside for maximum discretion and privacy)
  • We will also remind you if passports need to be carried.

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With Health and safety being at the forefront of people’s minds when they travel these days, flying by private jet has numerous benefits when it comes to ensuring a healthy travel experience.   Passengers are not faced with congested terminals as private aircraft use smaller executive terminals away from the crowds.  Private flyers typically board their aircraft as soon as they arrive at the FBO (Fixed Base Operators), reducing further the risk of proximity with other passengers.  Some even board or get picked up from their aircraft airside thereby avoiding going into the terminal at all.

Since the pandemic, leisure travellers are looking to private jets to get them to their weekend European city hops, escape to their Mediterranean family summer holiday villa or even weighing up the benefits of getting their ski’s and themselves closer to their favourite ski resort.

With so may jet types available for charter, you simply need to tell us where you are going, how many are travelling an idea of your budget and we will do the rest.

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