Wondering Whether to Make the Jump From Commercial to Private?

Wondering whether to make the jump from Commercial to Private

There are over 100,00 COVID-19 deaths in the UK.  Social distancing, and minimising situations where we are in large groups of people are paramount.  However, social distancing is simply not practical on a commercial airliner.  Wondering to make the Jump from Commercial to Private?

If you are wondering whether to make the jump from commercial to private the findings from an observatory study carried out by Globe Air ( European private jet charter operator)may be of interest.  They found that transiting passenger terminals at airports and flying on a commercial airliner creates around​ 270​ possible person-to-person interactions where one could be exposed to Coronavirus versus less than ​20​ on private flights.


Concerns over health risk of flying commercially and the slow recovery of commercial flights are seeing our enquires for private jet charter increase significantly. When it comes to business travel, companies will be conscious of their corporate duty of care.  Those that have the means to fly privately, but had previously avoided it, are now wondering whether to make the jump from Commercial to Private?  So, what are the options and where do you even start? ​​​


1. Find a charter broker

You can book directly with an aircraft operator (the Company that provides the aircraft and crew) but by using a broker you save both time and money. Flyconnex has access to over 3000 private aircraft and can find you an aircraft that best suits your requirements.  We know the operators and we know what to look for in terms of your safety, knowledge of CAA operational regulations and restrictions such as crew rest and flight duty. Checks are carried out to see if the operator has been audited by a third-party authority. From the initial enquiry to the completion of your journey, Flyconnex will work with you to provide a complete solution tailored to your exact requirements.


2. Wondering whether to make the jump from Commercial to Private and what the cost implications are?

​This will depend on your requirements, i.e. when and where you want to travel, the number of passengers, aircraft preference etc. Flyconnex looks at the most cost-effective solution and provides a minimum of three different jet charter options. Having access to aircraft locator software, we can locate aircraft globally and offer competitive rates based on real-time availability.


There is a misconception that flying privately is for the Rich and Famous! Yes, for those HNWI that fly in the Lamborghini equivalent! If you charter a light jet for between 4-6 people you are looking at approx GBP1,500-3,000/Hr plus the landing and handling fees. Worked out on a per head cost you will see the benefits of private jet charter far outweighs the alternative.


3. Empty Legs

Here at Flyconnex, we have access to a large pool of what are known as Empty legs or Empty Sectors. An Empty Leg is the​ return portion of a booked one-way private charter flight. The aircraft needs to fly ​empty​ to reposition itself for its next customer, or to return to its home base. You can snap up an empty leg at a fraction of the cost, but you do have to be flexible. We are happy to search for specific routes, just get in touch with our friendly team and we can look at the different options and advise accordingly.


4. Apart from the social distancing advantage that Private Jet travel affords, what do we at Flyconnex, believe the main benefits of flying privately are 

Wondering whether to make the jump from Commercial to Private
  • ​It is More Efficient 

Company CEO’s and their personnel may travel together and continue to conduct business. Trying to get work accomplished while sandwiched between other people during a scheduled flight is almost impossible. A useful and private business meeting can be held onboard a chartered jet or propeller aircraft making the trip to your destination that much more efficient.

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

To complicate matters, there is the issue of ​privacy and confidentiality. ​There is a lot of data and information on your laptop that is probably confidential to the point where you would not want someone looking over your shoulder. Trade secrets and privacy laws work against using commercial aircraft and flights for anyone intimately involved in large business deals.


Even first-class doesn’t offer the level of privacy that a charter air flight affords you and your staff. A useful and private business meeting on board a commercial airliner is all but impossible and completing work confidentially or otherwise is more than a challenge.


  • The Flexibility of Travel Arrangements​

​Instead of flying on the set schedule of the large commercial airlines, you fly when you want and where you want. Charter air travel gives you the freedom to organise the trip around your needs. When you fly scheduled airlines, you travel on the airline’s schedule.  A charter flight can take you exactly where you want to go and has access to smaller landing sites.


  • Safety and Security

Imagine, being able to use smaller airports without the problems of traffic congestion and clearing immigration with minimal fuss. There is also not the worry of lost luggage or packages and the wait time to retrieve your luggage is minimal.

In this hectic rushing lifestyle, it is good to know that there are ways to stretch your time. Increasingly more and more business and pleasure travellers are turning to the clear advantages of charter aircraft for both short and longer trips. ​If time is money and you don’t like wasting either, then it’s time to take a look and consider an aircraft charter for your next important trip.


So are you still wondering whether to make the jump from Commercial to Private?

Contact the team at Flyconnex for a no-obligation free quote.  Flying Private is not as expensive as you may think (Private Jet Charter Prices).  We invite you to try our services and see the difference.

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With Health and safety being at the forefront of people’s minds when they travel these days, flying by private jet has numerous benefits when it comes to ensuring a healthy travel experience.   Passengers are not faced with congested terminals as private aircraft use smaller executive terminals away from the crowds.  Private flyers typically board their aircraft as soon as they arrive at the FBO (Fixed Base Operators), reducing further the risk of proximity with other passengers.  Some even board or get picked up from their aircraft airside thereby avoiding going into the terminal at all.

Since the pandemic, leisure travellers are looking to private jets to get them to their weekend European city hops, escape to their Mediterranean family summer holiday villa or even weighing up the benefits of getting their ski’s and themselves closer to their favourite ski resort.

With so may jet types available for charter, you simply need to tell us where you are going, how many are travelling an idea of your budget and we will do the rest.

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